"You can do anything, but lay off of my blue suede shoes" --Carl Perkins

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ahhhh... I Needed That

I am back, back from the Mothership and a short detour to Boscos. Now that I'm well lubed, both in body and spirit, thanks to the perfectly smoked rib grease and a couple of choice Boscos IPAs, I am golden, and ready to slide back into the cogs and grind away.

Yep. Sometimes you just have to grab the day by the balls and make it yer bitch, friends.


What a Mothershippin' Day!!!

There is only one thing that could bring this day back from the brink. I'm thinkin' it's ribs...

I'm leaving now.

I Think I Have Cracked the Code

I think I have found the reason that we as Liberals and you as Conservatives are not able to connect. It all comes down to politeness. We Liberals are too damned polite. Well, at least the majority of us, buuut that’s not to say that Conservatives aren’t. Maybe they simply don’t understand what is happening around them. Here, let me explain it with an example.

I was in a casual meeting earlier this morning with some of the users of an application I maintain, when one of the users during a break in the discussion leans over to me and quietly begins telling me a racially biased joke about Mexican illegals. I shrugged it off, and although I made it clear by not laughing that I had not found it funny, I did not verbally express how offensive I had found it.

Situations happen like this everyday, and for the sake of keeping things professional and on task I have always left them unchallenged. But then, something very interesting happened.

There was another break in the business discussion when the same person who had told me the joke earlier, let’s call her the comedian, decided to share her feelings of disgust with the rest of the group regarding the recent Rush Limbaugh arrest. “Y’all, can you believe that nonsense with Rush?”

A woman at the end of the table was the first to respond, “Isn’t it hilarious. I can’t stand that idiot. I love it when a jerk like that gets egg on his face. Serves him right.”

Then the person next to her said, “What a moron.”

Then another responded in agreement and then another, then me. Eventually everyone but the comedian was having a good belly laugh at Rush’s expense.

The comedian, visibly stunned by this, responded. “Y’all he’s not that bad. Are you all that liberal?”

Me, “I don’t think you have to be all that liberal to laugh at that schmuck, but yeah, I’m pretty liberal.”

Then silence. Everyone had shut up. Having realized she was all alone in her assumption that everyone had always thought like her, the comedian no longer had anything to say. The rest of the group, having decided that they had overstepped their professional bounds decided to clam-up. They had to continue to work with this person, after all. I quickly, albeit uncomfortably, returned the discussion back towards the software application.

So, to sum up, maybe, just maybe, Conservatives, you are not in the majority in the way that you think you are. Maybe society isn’t slipping away from your ideals, maybe the rest of society is simply not barking as loud about theirs as you are about yours.

Friday, June 23, 2006

More Evidence of Colossal Ignorance Found

Alberto Gonzales said today at a news conference addressing the indictment of "homegrown terrorists":

"They were persons who for whatever reason came to view their home country as the enemy,"

"For whatever reason"....?!?!!!!!

Just a wacky hunch, but maybe if this ditto-headed, stay-the-friggin’-course administration would care enough to redirect their tunnel vision for a moment and look into that reason, they might actually make a little headway into this so called 'War on Terror'.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Newsflash! Another Mothership Review

This is my nearly week-late review of the Knucklehead’s Mothership. What can I say that hasn’t already been said except that it sucked, which of course, no one would believe even if it could be remotely true.

So, allow me to reiterate. Mothership rocks in the Q department, in the sides department, in the theme department, and in the friendly service department, but did you also know that if you bring a kid, any random urchin off the street, Knuck will shower the little brat with a fist-full* of suckers, Dum-Dums to be precise. Betcha didn’t. But it’s true. It happened to me last Saturday. I just so happen to have 3 of the little delinquents living in my house; and I had just so happened to bring one of them with me to the Mothership on my last visit. What do you know? Yes. I was in Dum-Dum heaven.

So, next time you’re in Berry Hill, hankerin’ for that perfect little sweet something extra after you’ve scarfed down some righteous pork goodness, remember to grab somebody’s kid, march right up to the counter, and demand some of those Dum-Dums. No joke, it is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Make sure he sees the kid, and Knuck will be delighted to oblige.

* Clarification...
It has been brought to my attention that, yes, even an adult may receive one Dum-Dum with his/her combo plate. However, you won't be sorry if you drag a rugrat in behind you. I continue to stand by my 'fist-full' claim.

I Didn’t Promise You a Rose Garden

Three times; three times today I’ve gotten busted reading blogs. This, my friends, is why I don’t blog, much less post, as often as I’d like. Well, that and the fact that I am lazy, buuuut also because of husband and daddy duties, too.

For a while there I was trying to write something every night when I went home, but it didn’t last long until a) I found myself asked to help with bath-time, lawn-work, dinner etc…, or b) just plain didn’t feel like putting forth anymore effort than I pretend to give to my employers during the daily 8 to 5.

“But, Huck”, you ask, “What about the weekends?”

To you I say, “The weekends are mine, dammit”. I’ve got to get away from this keyboard at some point.

So, I guess this is my formal apology/excuse for not posting as I should. I know it’s weak, but it’s mine, by Jiminy, and if you can’t have some excuses in life, then darn it, what a stressful world it would be. Don’t you agree?

Slackers unite! Eh, maybe tomorrow, right? Well that’s just OK by me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Since Our Last Chat...

  • Picked up another tattoo
  • Bought a pick-up truck
  • Lost my religion, but it's OK
  • Kicked the Adderall habit, again
  • Learned how to administer an AIX system, but...
  • Am still doing the same crap work
  • Am still looking for a new job

Welcome To My Nightmare!

What? Are you friggin' kiddin' me? Could there be a greater gift from above?

The good doctor has, indeed, raized a monster for us this time, my fellow fiends. From the dark bowels of his laboratory the wicked Gangrene has invoked the most hallowed and frightening powers of Asgard, itself, for what promises to be the most surreal event of the season.

Sorry Chuckles, but fuck Bonnaroo. You won't find a trip this twisted at your local corner drum circle.

You see, I know the doctor (really, I've met the guy). I know what he is capable of. I've seen his work, and frankly it scares me shitless... that it's possible I could actually miss this event.

...But take courage in this, my good readers, Huck will pull out every stop (I said every one, dammit!) to make it to this ill-mannered orgy* of the deranged.
Oh yes, I will... be there.

* Be sure to 'Enter the Lab' once you visit the Doctor's site. There you can find the details of the show.

I found this clip from the movie to be shown. Sweeeeet.

Update #2:
Please be aware, dear readers, that this isn't just a movie being shown. THOR himself will make an apearance following the film to play an entire concert, promising to shake the very halls of Valhalla itself. This, without a doubt, will be a full-fledged freakfest.